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How to Use Artificial Grass for a Child Friendly Garden

on Thursday, 20 December 2018.

How to Use Artificial Grass for a Child Friendly Garden

Children love to play outdoors come rain or shine so why not give them a garden that they can enjoy all year round, regardless of the weather?

Artificial grass is child-friendly and can be used in a variety of ways in your home and garden. Check out below just a few of the ways artificial grass can be used and how it can benefit your children.


Our artificial grass products are ideal for children as they are safety accredited and as they require very little maintenance, there’s no risk of your child coming into contact with any nasty chemicals or fertilizers.


Using a professional installer to lay your new artificial lawn means the surface area will be properly prepared and an effective drainage system can be put in place, leaving you with a professional and quality finish.

Artificial lawns can be enjoyed all year round as they won't go patchy or turn boggy in our wet weather. You'll have a luscious green lawn that can be enjoyed come rain or shine.


Artificial grass is soft underneath the foot and is ideal for playtime be it football or rough-and-tumble. If your little ones suffer from hay-fever or grass allergies, then artificial grass is the perfect choice of surface for your garden.

Artificial Grass Uses for a Child-Friendly Garden


Toys in the house and toys in the garden? It’s easy to shut toys away in a cupboard but some things are just a little too large to keep manoeuvring around.

If you find yourself with a big and bulky trampoline upon your lawn, why not have it sunken into the ground to give your garden a more streamlined appearance?

Our artificial grass products can be installed seamlessly around your trampoline, leaving you with a professional uninterrupted garden. And not only does it look great but it’s practical too! You'll reduce the risk of little ones falling from a height and our artificial grass products are soft to land on so there’s no need for a protective net!

Artificial Grass Garden with Sunken Trampoline


If you’re living with an aspiring footballer (we’re not referring to you here dad), then an artificial pitch will bring an endless number of days of enjoyment for years to come. And as we mentioned before, artificial grass means no more grass stained clothing, no muddy footprints being traipsed through the house, and no mud-slide marks when there’s a goal celebration! Our artificial lawn products have been designed to be tough and durable, meaning they won’t wear after excessive use.


We know how inquisitive little ones can be, especially when there are climbing frames, slides and swings around. Artificial grass provides a soft surface for children to land safely on, reducing the risk of injury.

If you have a toddler who’s quick on their knees and wobbly on their feet, artificial grass is ideal for creating a small pen that they can enjoy and you know they are safe in. Our fake grass products have been designed to replicate natural turf meaning it’s ultra-soft for your baby to enjoy. You won’t be faced with coarse, sharp grass during a dry spell and it dries much quicker than a natural lawn after a light shower.

Artificial Lawn with Kids Play Area


Got a Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy on your hands? Why not install a putting green where your aspiring golfer can putt to their heart's content?

We offer a range of artificial grass that has been designed for putting greens, ensuring the ideal surface so you can perfect your putt. And what’s more, putting greens can be installed in the garden or inside the home.

Artificial Grass for Golf Putting Green


Artificial turf is a great surface for your paddling pool to sit on. Unlike natural grass, our artificial grass won't discolour or go patchy as a result of a large area being covered. The surrounding area won't become wet and muddy either as artificial grass dries quickly in our warmer months and is soft beneath your little one's feet.


Remember the days of building dens in the garden and protecting your fort? Why not give your kiddies the ultimate den of dens and create a dome or igloo that is covered in artificial grass? It keeps it looking like part of the garden and our fake lawn products are designed to be fitted on slopes for a professional seamless finish.

Artificial Turf Installed on Slope of Garden


Our artificial grass products aren’t restricted to only the garden. For bedrooms with a sport or animal theme, using fake grass in place of carpet is a really cool addition that will have their friends talking.

For more information on our artificial grass products and professional installation service, please contact us.