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Are You Ready to Spring Clean Your Garden?

on Thursday, 14 February 2019.

Are You Ready to Spring Clean Your Garden?

Spring is just around the corner and soon brighter and warmer days will be upon us. With Winter days a distant memory, Spring marks the beginning of new life making it the perfect time to give your garden a Spring clean and get it in tip-top condition, ready for you to enjoy in the upcoming seasons.

Follow our guide to get your garden ready with some ideas on how to incorporate artificial grass to give your garden a fresh new look!

Grab the Marigolds - It's Time to Clean!

Ok, so you don’t really need to wear marigolds but you do want to clear all garden furniture, debris and leaves from the ground so you can prepare the main floor surface areas. Depending on your garden’s design, you may need to use a few different cleaning methods.

For lawns: Grab a garden waste bag and begin to remove large pieces of debris with your hands. Once you’re left with leaves, rake them into piles around your lawn so it’s easier to gather them up and add to the waste bag.

If you already have artificial grass installed, give your lawn a quick wash off with the garden hose or jet washer and that’s your lawn ready for Spring!

For wooden decking: Begin by using a stiff bristled brush to sweep away any garden waste. Once you’ve done this, it’s wise to jet wash your decked area to remove any dust or film that may have built up over the winter months.

If your decking is looking a little lifeless, it could need some extra attention and re-oiling. If you’re going to re-stain the wood, be sure to rub back and repair any broken slats so that you have a perfectly prepared surface before oiling it. Invest in a good deck oil and you’ll find it keeps its colour and shines for longer, and your decking won’t split so easily in warmer weather.

If you’ve had enough of the upkeep and appearance of your garden’s decking, why not consider having artificial grass installed in its place? We’re able to install our synthetic grass products to decked areas, transforming the appearance of your garden. Read our blog post Can Artificial Grass Be Laid on Decking? for more information.

For patios: Similar to preparing decking, start out by sweeping the area and follow with a jet-wash off. Weeds often appear in between paving slabs so you should invest some time to dig them out and apply some weed killer to prevent them from growing back. If you’re thinking of getting rid of your patio or want to gain a larger lawn area, we’re able to install artificial grass to garden patios. For more information, visit our patios page.

De-clutter & Gain Space

Garden sheds provide a convenient place to store lawn mowers, bikes, gardening tools and more. Throughout the year, it becomes too easy to just ‘chuck’ items back in the shed, causing it to become a cabin of unorganised chaos.

The best way to de-clutter your garden shed and regain some valuable storage space is to remove its entire contents. Sort the items into a pile to keep, and a pile to dispose responsibly of.

Take the pile of things to keep and give each item a place in your shed as you tidy them away, organising them so everything can be accessed as and when you need it.

Update Your Lawn

If you’re thinking of replacing your lawn, artificial grass is an ideal choice with many benefits. It’s super low maintenance, cost effective and ultra-safe for pets and families with children. We offer a range of synthetic grass products so you’ll find the perfect type for your garden. For more information, please take a look at our lawn products.

Grow Your Own Produce

Plant your vegetables in early Spring and you will be rewarded. Whether you’re just starting out or replenishing your stocks, veggies and herbs should be planted after the last frosts. They’ll be ready in time to enjoy in summer salads.

Replant Flowers & Trees

If plants or trees are looking a little sad, consider relocating them as they may benefit from being planted in a different part of your garden, especially if they’re not getting enough light.

Container pot plants may have outgrown their current pot and therefore need re-potting. Larger plants will either need their roots trimming or need to be re-potted into a larger container.

Add a Splash of Colour

Fill your planters, borders, window boxes and hanging baskets with brightly coloured flowers. Don’t forget that different types of plant flower at different times of the year so be sure to plan ahead so you have colour in your garden throughout the year.

Get Bright with Light

If you have outdoor lighting, check the bulbs and connections to make sure they haven’t perished or stopped working. Once the evenings get warmer, you’ll want to enjoy your garden for longer with friends and family so it’s worth doing the maintenance now.

Lighting can transform your garden. Whether you add small LED’s to your decking, wall lights, or spotlights in your planters, they can really change the appearance of your garden when the sun goes down. If you have a water feature or garden sculpture, consider adding lighting to really showcase them at night.

Prune for Healthy Growth & Flowering

If you have hedgerows and cascading trees, it’s time to get pruning! Cutting back your trees and bushes to get them looking neat and tidy will instantly transform the appearance of your garden. When pruning is done correctly, it helps to promote healthy growth and flowering.

Revamp Tired Garden Furniture

Wooden garden furniture may be looking a little washed out and may need the odd screw tightening here and there. Spend some time prepping your garden furniture by rubbing it down properly before using a quality oil.

Glass tables can build up a layer of algae from the wet weather so jet wash off the debris, then use kitchen cleaner to remove any sludge-like residue before drying off and wiping over with a glass cleaner.

Rattan garden furniture should be brushed off using a dustpan and brush before being jet washed off. Leave them to dry off before adding your cushions and then they’re good to go!

Garden cushion covers can be washed in the washing machine, just be sure to check the washing instructions first! If you want to give your garden furniture a makeover, consider using a dye for cushion covers that won’t fade in sunlight. Finish off your garden seating with some colourful scatter cushions with bold patterns.

Don’t forget to clean your barbecue. The season for alfresco dining will soon be here so make sure you don’t get caught out by checking now to see if the gas bottle needs replenishing. If you have a cover for your BBQ, is it protecting it or is it worn out and in need of a new one?

So there you have it, the Unreal Lawns guide to getting your garden ready for Spring. An artificial lawn will save you time and money every year so to find out just how cost-effective and real it is, contact us for your free quote and request your grass samples today.