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5 Reasons Why You & Your Dog Need an Artificial Lawn

on Thursday, 02 August 2018.

5 Reasons Why You & Your Dog Need an Artificial Lawn

Artificial lawns are becoming increasingly popular in gardens where man’s best friend can take a nap in their favourite spot, chase a ball and, a slightly less pleasant image for the mind, go to the toilet.

If you’re thinking about introducing artificial grass into your garden, here are our top 5 reasons why it’s a good choice for you and your dog

1. A Clean House

Ahh yes - a dreamy clean house. It often seems impossible when our little furry friends are in and out, rolling around in the garden. Well, what if we said we could eliminate the muddy paw prints from your cream carpets?

We can’t come and clean your home but we can install an artificial lawn for you. With artificial grass, there is no mud. Our experienced installers prepare the surface area and lay your new fake lawn on a dry material depending on the type of drainage required.

2. No Digging Holes

Forget finding buried bones or losing your step where a certain somebody has been actively burrowing in your garden. You’ll be pleased to hear that artificial grass is extremely hard to dig up. For those that actively try to escape by digging around the perimeter of the garden, artificial grass offers the perfect solution to help keep your dog safe and delay the great escape.

3. No Nasty Chemicals

There’s no need for chemical feeds or fertilisers to keep your garden lawn looking luscious and green. Fake lawns look bright and beautiful all year round. We all know how inquisitive pets can be, especially when they’re exploring the great outdoors, but you can take comfort in knowing your friend for life won’t encounter any nasty toxic chemicals requiring unexpected vet bills!

4. Say Goodbye to Pee-Wee Patches

You work hard all year round to nurture your lawn before your four-legged friend decides to pee all over it leaving nasty-looking brown patches. Sound familiar? With our fake lawns, patchy grass is a thing of the past. The synthetic fibres that fake grass is made from won’t retain your pets wee and cause discolour from urine. Our installation team will prepare a sub-base and fit a drainage system appropriate for your pet-friendly home.

If your new fake lawn begins to smell a little, you may need to wash your grass a little more often or choose a pet-friendly artificial grass cleaner that will leave your garden smelling like a bed of roses. Speak to one of our specialists who will be happy to recommend the right product for you.

5. Low maintenance & easy to clean

While the last reason for choosing a fake lawn is more for your benefit than the dogs (unless they’re really well trained, then good job you!), artificial grass needs very little maintenance. They’re super easy to clean and in our wetter months, rainwater will usually save you the job. Routine maintenance will help keep your lawn looking pristine so an occasional brush, clearing of debris and a hose-off, you’ll have an immaculate lawn all year round.


To find the best artificial for you and your pet, contact a member of the Unreal Lawns team who will be happy to discuss the different options available to you.