Unreal Lawns Artificial Grass Installation in Manchester

The Artificial Grass Company FAQ's

How does artificial grass compare to a real turf lawn? 

A lot of skill, experience, time and money is needed to maintain a natural grass lawn. With artificial grass your garden requires no maintenance so you can relax, enjoy and entertain in your garden on demand.

What about maintenance?

Synthetic turf grass is maintenance free, all you need to do is remove leaves and any other debris. You can do this simply with a brush or leaf blower.

How durable is artificial grass?

You will probably never have to replace your artificial grass.

Does artificial grass give an added value to property?

The natural look of some types and the numerous advantages will undoubtedly appeal to future buyers. When they first come into contact with artificial grass, people tend to be pleasantly surprised by the quality and the user-friendliness of it.

Can slopes be covered with artificial grass?

Smooth slopes present no problem: changes in temperature will automatically form the artificial grass onto its subsoil. On steeper slopes, it is advisable to fix the top layer with galvanized nails (invisibly).

How does it drain?

The grass has a holed latex backing that allows drainage to the ground.

Is artificial grass child friendly?

It is safe for children to play on and for added protection a shock pad can be fitted underneath the grass to cushion the childs fall. This is also dependent on the surface underneath the artificial grass. Any nursery would benefit from out child friendly artificial grass.

What happens to animal and bird faeces on artificial grass?

Small amounts of faeces are biodegradable and disappear through the perforations of the tuft fabric. For large dogs, it is best to remove the faeces and hose down as you would on natural grass. Urine is not harmful and the fibers will not change in colour because of it. It is also safe to use a mild disinfectant on your artificial grass.

Does artificial grass have to be cleaned?

In case of normal maintenance, artificial grass is weather and wind resistant and it will automatically be cleaned by the rain. If an exceptional pollution has taken place, the grass can be cleaned with a domestic pressure washer.

How much does the installation of artificial grass cost?

The preparation of the subsoil and the installation of artificial grass depend on local circumstances, as for example the state of the soil and the accessibility of the terrain. Unreal Lawns will gladly prepare a free quotation covering all costs.

Can I join the artificial grass together?

Yes, you just need to make sure the pile runs in the same direction and you will need to use special tape and glue which can be supplied by us to join the grasses together for a permanent and unnoticeable fix.

Can moles damage synthetic grass?

The back of the mat consists of a very firmly woven fabric, so the moles do not have a chance to damage it.

Is artificial grass fireproof?

Hot barbecue coals will result in scorch marks but they will not set artificial grass alight. You will be able to learn more in our BBQ post.