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Artificial Grass For Dogs & Pets

All of our artificial grass products are dog-friendly; with many of our customers choosing it for the benefits, it can bring them and their pets. They are able to run, roll and play until their heart’s content, without creating a mud bath in your garden that a natural lawn can’t prevent. A lot of pet owners become frustrated with trying to keep the home clean of mud from outdoors, especially during wet conditions when the problem is at its peak. Not only will artificial grass keep your pet clean and safe, but you won’t have to worry about any more muddy paw prints coming through your door making it the perfect solution all round. We have recently added a PU backed product, Sundrenched Grass, which is hugely popular with pet owners.

Unlike real grass, no nasty fertilisers or insecticides are needed to achieve a green and fresh looking lawn. There will be no danger of your pet consuming these, leading to a happier and healthier dog.

Another worry for pet owners with natural grass is discolouring caused when pets, dogs especially, use the garden as a toilet. With artificial grass, this becomes a thing of the past as there are no issues with loss of colour and any mess left in the garden can be easily washed away leaving a fantastic looking lawn all year round.

There are so many benefits to pet owners having an artificial lawn that it is becoming a very popular choice. Take a look through our product range and don’t hesitate to contact Unreal Lawns regarding our pet friendly artificial grasses.

For more information on our products or services call the Unreal Lawns team on 0800 917 8553 or contact us via our online form.

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