Unreal Lawns Artificial Grass Installation in Manchester

Artificial Grass For Gardens

In recent years it has become a popular choice among households to make use of artificial grass in a domestic garden environment, with people opting for a synthetic surface as an alternative to a real grass lawn. Artificial grass for gardens has come a long way and has many advantages over the real thing; It requires little maintenance for a start, you’ll no longer have the worry of a parched or waterlogged lawn and it will withstand the rough and tough use that your real grass wouldn’t tolerate. If you don’t like the hassle of upkeep that comes with a real lawn then Unreal Lawns’ fake grass could be perfect for use in your garden. Our range of synthetic grass includes many shades to mimic the look of a real lawn, with additional hints of brown to realistically re-create the thatch of grass.

Is Artificial Grass Good For Gardens?

For those looking to use their garden all year round, to allow pets and children to enjoy the outside space no matter the weather, artificial grass for gardens is a fantastic idea. Our artificial grass products do not require maintenance or upkeep to keep the lawn area looking clean and green, while during the summer months there is no need to water it to prevent it from browning as you would with an ordinary lawn.

While there might be some environmental concerns, as the materials used are plastic, it will reduce the amount of water you use to keep a natural lawn green. In addition, most gardens have other areas suitable for nature to thrive in such as flowerbeds full of plants for bees and insects to enjoy. At Unreal Lawns, we are landscape gardeners and will be happy to help you come up with a solution that the family can enjoy year round, while still allowing space for wildlife and nature to flourish.

Artificial Grass For Garden Use All Year Round

Gardens have a lot to endure with our changing and unpredictable weather conditions, children or pets running and playing, and parties and barbecues. It’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing to use artificial grass for gardens. With the durable and low-maintenance surface, you’ll have a solution that not only looks great all year round, but takes out any of the burdens associated with the hardships that a real lawn has to put up with. There’ll be no more muddy footprints brought into your home, no more endless mowing, watering and trimming, and no patchy areas from over-use.

Save yourself time and money on relentless attempts to achieve that perfect grass lawn. Unreal Lawns’ artificial grass can provide the ultimate solution for your garden that can be enjoyed all throughout the year. Give your garden a special make-over that will improve it visually, as well as allow for more frequent use. On top of all that our products are all pet friendly so they can also enjoy your beautiful new lawn without you worrying about it getting ruined.

Take a look through our range of artificial grass products and how we can help you achieve your perfect lawn.

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What About Artificial Grass for Front Gardens?

Give the kerb appeal of your property a boost with the installation of artificial grass for the garden space outside the front of your house. Banish unsightly weeds and overgrown areas, and instead a enjoy a glorious green outlook. Passers by and the neighbours will be jealous of your luscious lawn and it will mean there is one less task to do in the garden.

Artificial Grass For Back Gardens

The back garden should be a space to enjoy, unwind and relax in, while it is most likely that this area of your garden is fenced off, so that children and pets can roam free. From small courtyard gardens, to large areas that are used for football or playing in, we have suitable artificial grass for back gardens to make the garden a usable space no matter the weather. To prevent dirt and mud being dragged indoors, artificial grass for gardens provides the perfect platform to keep the house tidy and safe from muddy trainers and mucky paws.

Who Can Benefit from Artificial Garden Grass?

  • People who love a perfect garden- maintenance and mower free green grass all year round
  • Customers with a shady garden who struggle to grow a natural lawn
  • Pet owners who want their pets to play without making a mess
  • Landlords and tenants - nobody needs to worry about keeping the grass cut
  • Parents who want the kids to enjoy the garden, but don't want a patchy lawn