Unreal Lawns Artificial Grass Installation in Manchester
Public Spaces

Artificial Grass For Public Spaces

For areas that may be difficult to maintain and used on a regular basis, artificial grass is seen as a highly beneficial solution. Its low maintenance attributes and the fact that no watering, mowing or lawn care is required takes the hassle out of ensuring the grass stays in good condition. In fact, the only maintenance that is needed is the occasional sweeping up and collection of leaves that may settle. This makes Unreal Lawns an ideal answer to the problems posed by lawns in public spaces.

Not only is artificial grass used in outdoor spaces, but is increasingly being utilised for indoor areas and rooms inside public buildings. This can help achieve a unique and different feel to a space whether it be a staff room in an office, a retail environment or café. Used in this way, Unreal Lawns’ synthetic grass is sure to provide a talking point. Amongst some of the big companies we have worked for in this way are Harvey Nichols and Heineken.

We are here to help and assist you in your public space solutions, so please feel free to get in touch and discuss your requirements for these.

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